Mercer Meadows Farm, Oklahoma

Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Bourbon Red Turkeys, and Black Angus Cattle

Let’s talk Goat feces.

Every animal produces poop, but here’s where goats shine.

If cows produce the worst feces in the world, those big cow flops, then goats are on the other end of the scale–they produce little dry black pellets that essentially disappear into the grass.

When they’re first pooped out they’re a bit soft and might get stuck on your shoe, but they dry quickly and once they do, they’re not messy at all. When our goats get onto our back porch and poo, we just wait a few minutes for the little ball bearings to dry out then just sweep them off, no mess at all.

And goat urine is not smelly at all. It’s urine, but if they pee on the lawn you’ll never notice it. And it’s not high-nitrogen like chickens, so it’s not particularly hard on grass. I’ve never seen a dead spot caused by goats.