Do you want a Doe, a Buck or a Wether?

Mercer Meadows Farm, Oklahoma

The honest truth is that on farms and ranches, the females do all the work… and by that we mean the all-important work of having, feeding and raising goat, cow, chicken babies.

The males.. well, they’re only called upon once or twice a year to, um, do their duty, and then they’re done, and the females’ work is just beginning.

So all year long you have to feed and house the Bucks, so they can do their duty for several seconds a year. (Goats are fast.)

Therefore female animals of any species are almost always the most desired and thus the most expensive.

If you want to breed registered Nigerian Dwarf goats, then you need to buy at least one Doe (female goat) and either buy or have access to one Buck (an un-neutered, un-castrated male goat).

(Or you can go the Artificial Insemination route–talk to your goat vet about that.)

And remember–you have to buy/have access to a buck that is not related to your does. You can buy our Does, or you can buy our Bucks, but you shouldn’t buy both because all of our goats are related to each other–either as siblings or step-siblings. You never want to breed father/daughter/mother/son or brother/sister pairs.

So if you DO want to breed your goats, you’re looking for some of our Does OR one of our Bucks.

If you want one of our Bucks because you’re going to breed him to your (unrelated) females, we’ll sell him to you uncastrated.

But be forewarned–uncastrated animal males are generally Smellier, Larger, Hairier, and a bit more Aggressive.

(One reason why we like our Nigerian Dwarf goats is that even a “big” Nigerian Dwarf Buck is still a pretty small animal, and getting butted by one is like getting run into by a big Labrador Retriever. They’re not tiny, but they’re not a bull, either. They do smell though…

BUT… a lot of people just love goats, and just love to have some around... more of a pet than as a breeding animal.

If that’s the case, then you want a Wether... a neutered (castrated) male goat.

We castrate all our male goats who are not going to be breeding males… that way they don’t grow large, hairy, smelly and pushy.

Wethers, castrated male goats, are just sweethearts, like the females. They’re gentle, they stay small, and they’re best friends with any human that has goat treats.

So if you’re just looking to have a goat around the place so that you can enjoy them, they can eat your weeds and brambles and basically just make your home a farm, then you want to purchase a good low-cost Wether!