Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale

Mercer Meadows Farm, Oklahoma

Below we’ve listed all the goats we currently have for sale.

Some are marked SOLD… that means that we’ve taken a deposit on them, and we assume they’re sold, but they’re still on the farm and there’s a chance the sale might fall through. We’ll remove them from the page when the sale is completed.

Below we have listed our Does (females), our Bucks (un-neutered males, the Billy Goats) and our Wethers (neutered males).

SOLD = Green DOES = Pink Males (Bucks or Wethers) = Blue

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale
Available: Anytime after July 21
Price: $250

Name: L-10
Sex: Doe
Mother: Sophie
Father: Benny
Born: May 23, 2019
Registered?: ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Sophie is our best mother. Has incredibly short, easy labors and ALWAYS drops triplets or quintuplets. This year, as most, she didn’t even wander into the barn, but just laid down in the grass, had three babies and was up and nursing minutes later. No Big Deal Sophie. This year she gave us quintuplets!!! of 3 girls and a boy.