Seller’s Terms and Conditions

Mercer Meadows Farm, Oklahoma



At Mercer Meadows Farms, we strive for complete satisfaction with every goat sale or kid reservation. Our goal is to produce healthy high quality goats for pets, breeding, or show.

That being said, the terms and conditions of sales, and the kid pre-order reservation info below are to protect the seller (Mercer Meadows Farms) and the buyer (you). This is a standard terms of sales agreement for a goat purchase. Please review this entire page of terms, conditions and policies completely, as they are your responsibility upon completion and receipt of your signed contract.

Please review the material below in its entirety before signing and before contacting the farm for purchase pickup. 

1. DEPOSIT: Deposit for future kids will be $100 for Does/doelings and 50.00 for Bucks/ bucklings with the remaining balance due within two weeks of weaning or agreed, scheduled pick up. Deposits for an animal already on the ground will be half of the price of the goat to reserve the animal of your choice. An e-mailed receipt of that deposit will not only secure the reservation of the animal chosen, but also acts as implied consent on your behalf to comply with these terms. If your deposit is to be mailed, please inform us of when it is sent.  

Please note: To have a buck wethered (castrated) you must pay in full first; wethering a buck will not be done if only a deposit has been made. 
Kids will be given their first deworming and CD&T vaccine at 4 weeks and again at 8 weeks. It is up to the buyer to continue on the vaccine/ deworming program. 

2. PAYMENT: Payment must be in “guaranteed funds”: cash, money order etc. If you use a personal check, the animal must stay at our farm until the check clears. An animal is not reserved until half the amount due is paid for, and is not bought until paid in full. We also except PayPal.  Please contact us before submitting payment on PayPal to confirm.

3. BALANCE/PICKUP: If you have not paid in full before picking up the animal, then the remainder of the money that is owed is due at time of pick up, cash only please! PLEASE NOTE: If the balance is not received by the date we have set for pickup, the animals will be offered to the next interested party and deposit will be forfeited. If animals are not picked up the weekend after the date they are old enough to leave, a boarding fee will be applied after that time. Any and all outstanding balances must be satisfied prior to the animal leaving the farm.  If the goat is not picked up by the agreed time on the agreed upon date, the animal will be relisted for sale without refund. Please be advised that there will be no refunds on canceled orders.

4. REFUNDS: Mercer Meadows Farms reserves the right to retain any animal from any pairing at any time for any reason. If a kid from a pairing becomes unavailable in this fashion, all money will be refunded to the buyer OR buyer may reserve/buy another goat with said funds.. Mercer Meadows Farms reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.

5. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. All animals will be healthy upon leaving our farm to the best of our knowledge. We cannot be responsible for an animal once it leaves our farm. It is in the buyers best interest to have their pet checked by a vet prior to leaving.

If the animal you have purchased needs a new home, please contact Mercer Meadows Farms and we will attempt to help you find your animal a new home.

6. NO GUARANTEES: Size, production, future heath, scurs, show quality and looks cannot and will not be guaranteed. We do our best to match good genetics at Mercer Meadows Farms, but we are dealing with nature and sometimes the outcome does not match our intentions.

7. GOAT REGISTRATIONS AND REGISTRATION APPLICATIONS PAPERS: Each goat that is sold as “registered” will be sold with registration or registration application papers. The buyer will need to pay fees for the registration transfer or application. Some goats are double registered (ADGA and AGS). For those purchasing double registered goats, different fees will apply. Goats that are already registered cannot have their names changed.

8. BREEDING SERVICES: For the health and safety of our goats, Mercer Meadows Farms does not offer breeding or stud services due to biosecurity reasons. 

Mercer Meadows Farms has a closed herd policy. Animals that are brought in are purchased from CAE/CL and Johnnes Neg. herds. They are quarantined for 60 days and included in our Health testing program. All of our goats are tested annually for CAE/CL and every 2 years for Johnnes , Brucellosis and TB

Discounts for multiple goat purchases are available. Generous discounts will be given to 4-H members with proof of 4-H membership. Please contact Mercer Meadows Farms for information regarding discounts on your multiple goat or 4-H purchase.

Initial pricing of kids is determined by lineage, conformation, and potential as well as the dam’s udder. Visual assessment of a kid, once it is born may change the price. Those on the wait list will be given the posted price. Pricing of adults will be based on individual performance and lineage.

Doe prices range from $300-$800+
 Buck prices range from $250-$500+
Wethers are priced at $75 or 2/$125