Sales Policy

Mercer Meadows Farm, Oklahoma

Mercer Meadows Farms Sales Policy-Please read


If you are interested in a Mercer Meadows Farm kid, please put a deposit on your first choice kid ASAP.  Kids will be sold at weaning age (8-12 weeks of age).  If you place a deposit before kids are born, it is $100 to reserve first choice from a particular breeding.  

A deposit of $100 will reserve your first choice of available kids from a particular breeding.  This means that once the kids are born, Mercer Meadows Farms will choose any kids we would like to retain and you get first pick of other kids from that litter.  If the litter does not produce the kid you have a deposit down, it can be refunded , or retained for the next breeding, or transferred to another planned breeding, or an other available goat.  Once the kids are on the ground we will require 50% of the kid’s purchase price to hold the kid until weaning date.  No goat will leave this farm unless it is paid in full.  We only accept Pay Pal, cash or bank check the day the kid leaves.  If you want to pay with personal check you will need to send it ahead of time so it can clear prior to pickup date.

All kids must be picked up by 8 weeks old if they are being dam raised.  Any baby staying past 8 weeks will be subjected to a boarding fee of $4 per day. We normally dam raise kids ( with frequent handling and occasional bottle supplementation for large litters) but there are certain circumstances when bottle feeding will become necessary or is specifically requested.  If your kid becomes a bottle baby, it will need to be picked up by three weeks at the latest.  If you do not pick up your bottle baby until weaning at 8 weeks, the daily boarding fee will apply to the kid’s final balance or you can choose to forfeit your right to that kid.

Multiple-kid discount of $50 off the second kid any time you buy two.

All kids will be disbudded prior to sale unless they are PAID IN FULL, in advance,  and requested to not be disbudded in writing. They are given their CD&T vaccines,Coccidia prevention and dewormed at 4 weeks and again at 8 weeks. In the event you purchase a kid for bottle feeding, they will need their vaccines and coccidia prevention at 4 weeks and 8 weeks.  You will be given Pedigree, Health records and Registration/transfer paperwork when kid(s) delivered to you. ** This does NOT apply to Wethers- Kids sold as wethers, or Bottle babies that will need to be neutered will not have registration papers. If you would prefer your kid be raised chemical/ vaccine  free, we might be able to accommodate you.
Wethers are generally 100.00 each. Although they are pure bred, from ADGA registered parents, they will not be sold with registration papers. However, a pedigree copy will be given.    Since goats are herd animals, a single kid will not be sold to a home with no other goats. They need another goat for companionship. If you buy 2 wethers, the price for 2 comes down to 75.00 each = 2 for 150.00. Depending on when you purchase your wether, you may have to bring them back to have the procedure done, or may take them to your veterinarian. Castration is included in the price once they reach 8 -12 weeks.. 12 weeks is preferred . 

Males are prone to developing kidney/urinary tract stones (calculi) so should be maintained on a low protein, low calcium diet. A mineral balance achieved with a goat-formula mineral supplement aids in the prevention of urinary calculi. I recommend feeding males zero/limited grain once they are over 6 months to one year of age, augmented with a goat-formulated mineral supplement. Avoiding high protein feed supplements significantly reduces the risk of developing urinary calculi (blockage). You can give your wether or buck a veggie or fruit treat while the girls get their grain. (If you insist on feeding grain to (mature) males, use a “Lamb Finisher” pellet. These contain a urine acidifier, ammonium chloride, which helps prevent calculi and is the grain of choice; not more than 1/8-1/4 cup per day). If you’ve had a problem with UC you might try adding extra urine acidifiers

Our entire herd has TESTED  for CAE, CL,  and Johnes disease.    All Annual tests negative. Brucellosis,TB, &Q- Fever are tested every 3-5 years, and blood is pulled on any new goat entering our herd. ALL new goats are kept in quarantine for 60 days to monitor for an illness or disease. They are bloodtested, FAMAHCHAd, Dewormed as needed.   We have never had a positive test result in our herd..  Because of possible variables after the kid leaves our farm, like being bottle fed milk from an untested doe or having contact with untested animals, we cannot offer any health guarantee once the animal has left our property and because we practice Bio security principles, we cannot take a goat back once it leaves the farm UNLESS it has a current CAE, CL and Johnes Neg. Blood test within 30 days. If you find that you cannot keep the goat(s), I will try and help you locate a new home.

We reserve the right to retain any kid born here, even if we have taken a deposit on it. If for any reason we are unable to sell you the kid that you put a deposit on, it will be refunded unless there is another kid available that you would like instead.  If you change your mind for any reason and do not buy your kid, the deposit will not be refunded.  We reserve the right to offer intact bucklings at buck price for a certain amount of time before offering them as wethers. 

If you place a deposit on unborn kids and then refuse certain kids based on color or other aesthetic variables, your deposit will not be refunded.

A note on kid naming:  in the past we have allowed buyers to completely choose the registered name of their kids.  In some cases this may be possible, but we do reserve the right to choose the registered name of any kid born here.  This may be due to duplicate name choices, need to follow a parent’s theme, or other naming issues.  Naming goats is fun and if we can let the buyer have input, we will.  However, the buyer may not always have the option to offer input on a goat’s name. Un Altered goats will be sold with Registration papers. No papers given with Wethers, Retired does or Pet goats.

We can make NO guarantee as to the health of our goats after they leave the farm.  Stress of weaning and travel can bring on illnesses that were not present at the time the goat left the farm.  We highly recommend that you have your new goat seen by a Vet within the first 48 hours.

Goats are herd animals and should not live alone.  We will only sell a single goat to someone who already has goats.  When buying a Mercer Meadows Farm goat kid, you are agreeing to provide it with proper feed and shelter from the elements and have done your research as to the requirements and needs of goats.
 Goats registered under our Mercer Meadows Herd name that are shown and/or  participate in DHIA are eligible for a 50.00 rebate for each:
  Receiving a permanent Champion designation with ADGA  
  Receiving their Permanent AR star

Children with current 4-H/ FFA cards that buy to show will receive 50.00 off of purchase price of goats